What are Skills, Concepts, Learning Processes, and Dispositions? PRINT

SO, we have developed this helpful booklet to break down those seemingly scary theorists into easy to understand examples (with links to the real world so you know what it looks like in your daily life!).

It can be helpful to view this booklet as a reference point, where you can come back to it and revisit important ideas anytime you feel you need to (this also shows your commitment to ongoing learning and reflection!).


This fabulous Educator Guide focuses on the fundamentals of STEM and how to incorporate STEM into your every day practice. This book also includes a downloadable STEM Recipe PDF which you can print!

Theorists Made Easy PRINT

Sometimes it can feel like the list of theories we use in Early Childhood is never ending and confusing!
We understand that trying to put all of the important theories and concepts into practice can be difficult without first knowing why we have them and how they were developed.
It can be helpful to view this learning guide as a reference point, where you can come back to it and revisit important theories anytime you feel you need to (this also shows your commitment to ongoing learning and reflection!).

Educational Leader's Guide to the Cosmos PRINT

You have been entrusted with the role of Educational Leader in your service. To be given this role you are already an amazing Educator and someone has confidence in
your abilities to place you in this position. You’ve got this! You most probably feel very
confident in your knowledge and skills in working with children - but how do you feel
about teaching adults?
This guide will make your life easier by:
? Introducing you to the core concepts of teaching adults
? Showing you how to facilitate training with adults within staff meetings
? How to encourage reflective practice in others
? How to instigate change in your service based on the latest research (and reduce pushback!)

Music Made Easy PRINT

Are you a bit nervous using Music with children? Maybe you're hung up on the terminology or feeling like you need to be superstar? No worries! This handy Educator guide will help step you through the basics of music, and increase your confidence and your knowledge all at the same time!

Mentoring Made Easy PRINT

Mentoring is an important training and development tool used by most successful organisations, especially Children's Services. It is a great way to impart knowledge, skills, confidence and attitudes throughout the organisation.

During this guide, we will look at the benefits of mentoring, the attributes of great mentors and effective communication styles you can use to develop and maintain a strong relationship with your mentoree.

- 1 x printable book
- 2 x Templates
- 1 x Video

Crash Course: Awesome Projects! PRINT

Want to create meaningful, engaging projects with children but not sure where to start? This guide gives you a crash course in creating projects and includes a helpful template to get you started!

1 x printable book
1 x template (downloadable)

Crash Course: Self-Reflection and Awareness PRINT

A common struggle we hear Educators wrestling with is knowing how to critically reflect and show awareness in their practice. This crash course guide will help you to identify your own personal strengths, biases, and give points on how to accept and give feedback (without freaking out about it!)

1 x printable book

OOSH Edition - What are Skills, Concepts, Learning Processes and Dispositions? PRINT

This guide outlines and gives examples of how to recognise and use Skills, Concepts, Learning Processes and dispositions to support children in school age education are care services.

What is reflection and critical reflection? PRINT

This booklet has been designed specifically for Early Childhood Educators.

You are able to purchase for free and access on any device so you can keep in the workplace as a reference.
We hope that you enjoy.
Happy learning!

Communication 101 An Educators must have guide! PRINT

Especially designed for educators.

This booklet outlines a number of great communication techniques to ensure smooth relationships.

It comes with our video on Neurolinguistics programming a technique which helps you develop emotional intelligence.
We hope that you enjoy.

Happy Learning

Child Development 101 Educator Cheat Sheets! PRINT

This booklet has all the child development basics you need to analyse observations. A must have on Prac or in the workplace. Make your life easier!

Child Development 101 Educator Cheat Sheets!

Diversity Doll Training Manual (1st Edition) PRINT

Have you heard of Persona Dolls? This book will tell you more about how they can be used in Australia to promote anti-bias practice with young children 3-8 years.
Training through Diversity Doll Training Australia ensures research based practice with our special homemade dolls. Start your adventure today!
For more information go to shepparder.com